Friday, March 15, 2002

nothing is so wonderful as a site revisited, then refreshed with something new. this post is simply to say that life sometimes gets us where it wants us, and that tends to be a place of maximum effort and minimum effect. which is where i have felt lately. God is ever present with me, but i have not been with Him as i should. however, i am growing none the less through the power of His unfailing love.

I also want to say to duane that his post was very true to some things i have dealt with in the past, and his conclusion is shared with all those seeking for acknowledgement from this cold world, and find only God as adequate to fill our empty spaces. but, i also think when we get to that point of proclaiming Him our God, we in effect get lost, wonderfully, in the proclamation of Him. I long daily for that place of laying down my life to gain it. but this world tells me all that is valuable is contained in the life I try to discard. ah what a farce! the same world which gives us secular humanism, evolution, "god is dead", "man is the measure of all things" and religions like hinduism and islam and existentialism. this world, in its arrogance, values that one thing i have longed to lose all my life, and it took God for me to realize it. a lot of help the world was. but, oh what freedom i have in my Lord, in my acknowledgement of Him as God and Creator.