Thursday, December 27, 2001

The last post was far from a divergence from the theme that has been on the floor...rather it is quite an imortant aspect of the discussion of beauty, order, design, Authorship. Additionaly, it ties in well with the season that we are of gift, expectation, surprise and wonder. In uncharacteristic brevity I will simply say that God is the Creator of all. We have NO room to assert our own will of contradiction to what He has said is best and right...any and all divergences from this wil lead to decisions and conqueneces far less desirable (even if our desires are so arguably small). God designed us to be receivers (note not takers). Hold God's gifts closely and yet loosely. Where do we begin? Reject passive bowing to our world's form of "lovely" and actively pursue answers that cannot be printed in a predictable "how -to" book. Dare to be in relationships that make you feel humbly useless and largely loved...uncomfortably at home...enraptured in the hurricane. We begin by running towards the ridiculous and the impossible...towards the crazy God who chose human skin as His wrapping paper and who burned the receipt...refusing to be returned because of being the wrong color or the wrong size. He fits. Let's start there. More later...this is an important addition to the discussion...thanks Josh!
this blog might be a little out of the theme we have been discussing, but an important subject none the less...

over this Christmas break, i have been constantly confronted by the importance of relationships, especially those of marriage. nothing in my estimation is more important than discovering the depth and vital nature of relationship between husband and wife. as God loves His people, as God made a covenant with his people, we also make covenants with each other in marriage. even as Israel committed sin against God through idolatry and through the evil influences of those outside the people of Israel, we are influenced by the world as people of a new covenant, as people of this new land. we as Christians, as God's people under the grace of Christ. we, however, not under law, are still required to uphold the spirit of the law, to love God with all our heart, mind and soul and to love our neighbors as ourselves. Christ commanded us to love God, to love each other and to love our husbands and wives. we are commanded to not commit adultery, and to even lust in our hearts after someone that is not our spouse is committing adultery in our hearts. we are to live to an even higher standard than those that came before us- this is true for our relationships, our conduct and our devotion to God. however, as Christians, have we met that higher standard in our approach to marriage? why is it as Christians our divorce rate is relatively the same as non-Christians? if we are to be held to a higher standard, why have so many Christians relied on divorce as a means of escape from relationships? I am not necessarily trying to start a discussion of what constitutes a "biblical" divorce; however, i am wondering how we as the people of God can maintain that we are of God when we cannot, to any greater degree than the world, hold marriages together? or, for that matter, when do we start loving each other to show that Jesus was sent from God?

just over the holiday, i have been confronted with the destruction that divorce causes in families, not just my own, but others i know. i am not sure if the other families were born again- though, i have enough experience to know that born again does not mean divorce free. i also know of the exception clause in Mathew 19:9 for "marital unfaithfulness" (which, by the way is not literal adultery in the original greek, actually the word is porneia, usually translated as fornication, the normal greek for adultery is moicheia, it is a complex distinction, but realize that throughout the sermon on the mount, Jesus was raising the standards, not lowering them, as applied to Matthew 5:31) my point is simple, too many Christians have caused destruction to their homes, spanning generations, through divorce- by the grace of God, what can be done?