Friday, December 14, 2001

a discussion of beauty is very much appropriate in the context of nature, creation, randomness and authorship. is there beauty in chaos? i think that in all reality, there is no such thing as chaos, as all things, all matter, is authored, even that which is chaotic, is authored chaos, which is ordered in the mind of the Author. however, there is beauty in the things we cannot grasp and in fact most things that facinate the human mind are those things beyond our comprehension. beauty in my mind can only be found in creation, THE CREATION, and beauty in all other forms is an interesting fabrication, while complex to describe, human creation has its own appeal, but compared to God's creation, what can we possibly create that is beautiful? i am not sure. however, the more we know about the world it seems, the less random it becomes, and the more we find out about the authored, the more we learn about the author. if everything is random, beauty is arbitrary, for it is random, but if everything is authored, then beauty makes sense, for purpose makes a thing beautiful i think, even in the chaos. what the human finds beautiful has been discussed for thousands of years, is it the Form of Plato, the Ideal of Plotinus, or is truth beauty; beauty truth? a very difficult subject to say the least. however, in looking at nature, what could said to be random, can be said to be purposeless? for we know according to science that the purposeles makes for a quick appearance in the rough world of natural selection. that, without purpose, the random mutation is doomed (so they say). so, what of randomness, the nature of chance? yes you are very right, beauty is of order, not arbitrary or random construction- just because we cannot fathom the infinite depths of the Author's work, doesn't mean it doesn't have order or beauty and ultimately, is Good.

Thursday, December 13, 2001

Yet in the randomness and chaos is a Thing called Beauty. How can something that is chaotic be beautiful? How can condensation on a glass, dew on a blade of grass, cloud formations, and rugged landscape be beautiful without something behind their creation which is giving them beauty? If something is truly chaotic and without order, would there be beauty at all? God is not the author of confusion. We can be. The devil can be. But God cannot. It is arrogance to assume that something is chaotic or random, simply because we cannot find a pattern or rule. If it is beautiful, there is purpose and order. The simple fact that it was created to be beautiful, and that we can recognise it as such is orderly and purposeful. Even those things that some would consider ugly, or unattractive, others find attractive. Perhaps there are some 'chaotic' things that are specially made for certain types of people. Is that random?