Saturday, December 01, 2001

The Following Post Submitted By Steve:

I've been reading an excellent book of late called” Life is a Miracle: An Essay Against Modern Superstition" by Wendell Berry. He speaks out against the concept that new=good and that "progress" = progress. I have been fascinated by his arguments against aspects of current culture that actively is reductionary in its approach to life. He speaks loudly for the precious nature of both community and the natural world. I just recently finished his section entitled "Reduction and Religion." Rich and delicious! Here is a tid-bit: "Again and again the biblical writers write of their pleasure and wonder in the manifold works of God, all keenly observed....To define knowledge as merely empirical is to limit one's ability to know; it enfeebles one's ability to feel and to think....People of faith have always believed in the unity of truth in God, whose works are endless and countlessly various. There is a world of difference between this humanly unknowable unity of truth and a theoretical unity of knowledge, which supposes that mere humans can know, in some definitive or final way, the truth.... Acceptance of the mystery of unitary truth in God leads to glorification of the multiplicity of His works..." pp.102-103
When we lack a true freedom to let their exist unknowable knowledge that rests in the trustworthy place of God's realm, we walk into a freedom and security that joins us together with others in community to remember what we know and to celebrate the inexhaustible nature of God's attributes and unified expressions of His character. Great book. More later...