Wednesday, November 21, 2001

in trying to understand the evolutionists mind-set i have realized that science and fact are not primary concerns. sounds like a big surprise i know. however, i was pondering the subject after reading a short book against teaching evolution in schools. i found that while there is a whole mess of ideas and evidence against the theory, for example the fact that there are absolutely no transitional fossils on record after millions of hours and a hundred years of searching by evolutionists. take the knowledge we have not as scientists nor Phds nor scholars, but as thinking rational humans that it simply does not make sense that nature would purposefully design life. whenever an evolutionists talk about their favorite subject they often refer to evolution as having "decided" or that nature "realized" or "knew" or "figured" that some animal needed something. take any living creature on earth, take the simplest known living thing a bacteria. it is a marvel of engineering, way beyond anything we could possible design ourselves something so deceptively complex as to require years and years to comprehend even its most basic features, yet, it grew, evolved and changed by the power of necessity to something bigger, better requring more substancial food sources, habitat and evironment. if humans came from a single celled organism, what could possible be the impetus behind nature "deciding" that it must create a more complex creature? there is a simple principle at work here that is beyond the notice of most evolutionists, it is the principle of common sense. it is common sense that the world was created by God, it is unnatural and against our better senses of intuition to think that it created itself. look around! wonder at a simple flower, petals, stem, pistol, fragrance, color, life, reproduction the list goes on! even the most simple living thing involves more than material substance, it involves wonder, awe and beauty! nothing about nature is not beautiful. even the most ugly of things has a beauty of wonder at how it works, awe in its perfect design and a sense of purpose behind every molecule and atom. nothing man makes instills the same ideas of wonder, awe and beauty like the simplest of God's creations. there is a God the loves us that made a perfect world for us to live in, although now corrupted, it once was without flaw. so even in its imperfection, the world is beyond the limits of language to express its beauty! evolution is a false religion.