Monday, November 12, 2001

the world investigates, interrogates and fabricates a reality that eliminates reference to God. how is it then that the world passes judgement on evil by some right and privilege? from whence does this right of judgement come if not from some higher authority? how can one, either individually or corporately, as a nation or a state except by its own authority, mark any man as evil, wrong or unrighteous? all manner of judgements come down as the thoughts of man upon the world. never is there a judgement by man that considers from who their authority to judge originates. of course, some individuals in history, Kings or Old Testament Judges were righteous in their ways and by authority could command the adherence of others to their judgements, but on the whole all those in the this world who do not look to the God of the Bible delegate judgements of right and wrong are impotent and insolent to the true authority of the universe. if say, some leader of a nation makes a decree, then qualifies the decree by their right as moral, but never includes God, by what right can they maintain their authority if not by force, fear or deceit? all authority under heaven has been given to Jesus, whoever denies that their authority comes from him is acting as their own god, looking to themselves as the ultimate authority. there is no earthly mechanism by which an atheist can maintain any moral authority whatsoever. truth cannot be based on a lie and authority apart from God cannot be righteous.
likewise, those who rule their house by authority, but do not name the name of Jesus, have no integrity, however, as a follower of Christ we must submit to those in authority, as all authority comes from Jesus. this is a difficult thing to understand, how can the wold of corruption and the authority of evil men come from the risen Christ? As all authority is from God, not all authority is Godly. Those who rule against the God I believe in are in err, and cannot be submitted to. however, if we act as righteous people, there is less chance of being punished by whatever authority we submit to. the idea is that no authority in heaven and on earth can exist without the authority of Christ, in whatever for, it takes, there is only one authority, there is only one God and there is one judgement. those that are in authority over men are judged at a higher standard, and have more to account for. the stakes are higher and the price to pay much more. no authority is dependent on man, not righteousness comes from man, nor does true morality originate from man. no one is righteous, no, not one, no one follows after God, those who do not submit to God as the ultimate authority have only themselves, and no man can claim authority apart from God, but their own evil, corruption and deception.