Saturday, November 10, 2001

what can i consider as true apart from God? where can there be found something more convincing than the Lord Jesus Christ? the embodiment of truth, Jesus is the starting point for understanding the universe, and everything in it. everything else that mankind has developed as truth is from a human centric understanding. even the truth of non-truth, the idea that no truth exists outside the human mind's conception of it. how can we say that truth is a figment of the imagination when truth is a necessary thing for all existence and every mode of understanding? when someone asks me what truth is, what can i do but what Jesus did when Pilot asked him the same question? say nothing, for that which he seeks he cannot find, it stood before him, insulted, beaten and humiliated, the Son of the Living God. when we face that which is true, how do we recognize it? what can we percieve when we reject its existence? if we say to God, What is Truth? without word or gesture, the answer He gives is a silent recognition that the person asking can not understand nor accept the truth is Jesus. the carnal mind is emnity to God, and cannot please Him. the Gospel is foolishness to those who do not believe, God calls us to Him by his kindness, though there must be some inclination on the part of the seeker to know what is true, to accept the answer without prejudice and live with the result of asking... most people want an anwer that fits their life, that fits their idea of what would suit their circumstance the best. truth is not beauty, not science not undestanding, but the Lord Jesus Christ. and if you stand before the beaten Christ, ready to pass judgement on him, know that when you ask no answer he will give- for it is by His spirit you understand that which man cannot reveal to you it is by His mercy that the veil is liften and the captives are set free. so ask not what is truth, but know it is Jesus, believe and be saved, knock and the door will open. seek and you will find, seek in ernest and with a pure heart, and before you will stand the risen Jesus, the Truth you seek, not by human understanding, but by the grace of the Holy Spirit.