Saturday, October 27, 2001

thoughts on the postmodern way of thinking. i have learned recently more about the method of postmodern thought, the basic precepts consisting of the idea that there is not external truth source or reference by which we can accurately pose assertions or truth. we are the masters of out own realities. what we envision, produce and believe is a product of our own selves. what we believe as trancedant truth is a product of misunderstanding about the nature of culture, the inputs in our senses of reality and our overall scope of understanding of human-kind. our minds, our beliefs and even our identities are wrapped up in a self-imposed ignorance of the world, truth and self programmed existence. whether there may be some truth out there is clearly not in the realm of the knowable as all truth statements eminate from the person, the self which is master over nothing and has as its cause its own survival. throw in the idea of "power" to subordinate and you have reason to discount any truth claims as ideas that vie for command of your personal power, your individual ideas and unitterrupted visage of reality. all in the name of "knowing" "being free" "tolerance" "passion" and lastly, but most importantly, "love" at this point for a postmodernist to come forward out of their self-imposed non-compliance with anything resembling universal truth, and to demand, if not, command that we be loving, tolerate, individual, and respectful is clearly hypocritical. you cant take out the universal maxim of God and replace it with the universal maxim of non-universal maxims. a thing cannot be both true and false, as the rule of non-contradiction tells us. to eliminate all universal rules, and replace them with another rule of non-rules is clearly ridiculous. then to interpret, for all humanity, the rules of engagement for no longer subscribing to universal truths, is unbelievably ridiculous. if there are not universal, only self realities, it is not love, not tolerance not, respect that i will calim as my prize, but the complete rejection of any and all appeals to the universal, and claims of fact that can be contrived as truth statements. don't tell me not to believe in God, but to belive in love, tolerance, passion and respect. for without God, you would not have any ideas to express your rejection of God, he makes you possible.